E.D. Elixir has been one of the top health offers on Clickbank for two years. Now, a new & improved version is available for our Digistore affiliates.

This offer provides a solution to Erectile Dysfunction (ED), one of the most common and distressing health problems faced by men worldwide.

Once thought of as an “old man’s problem,” we’re now seeing young men in their 30s turning to expensive and risky drugs to help with this issue! From a marketing standpoint, this means a vast demographic of hungry buyers.

Most of these men don’t want to visit doctors and risk their health with pills or injections. ED Elixir offers a natural course of treatment, including recipes for smoothies & beverages that you can make at home to supercharge your health and sexual power.

Note: Our constant split testing has shown that this offer also converts to women. (This problem affects their relationships and happiness, too!)

We provide email swipes for all types of lists. If you have a “gender neutral” list (men + women), a female-oriented list, or a general “health and fitness” or “weight loss” type of list, we have swipes that are guaranteed to convert to your audience.